IceBorn specializes in convenience, quality, and value.

Why IceBorn?

People continue to choose IceBorn for the highest quality ice & water, brought to you in the most convenient fashion, and available at the best value on the market. We strive to continuously redefine the standards for the ice & water industry, and reinvent the way in which ice & water are purchased. IceBorn assures that whether your local machine has our proprietary Healthwise Filtration or Healthwise Purification system; you are receiving the best product money can buy. With that being said; we invite you to look for our penguin logo in your community to answer the question yourself “Why IceBorn?”.


We are very proud of our reputation, and our reputation was built on the quality of our ice & water. Whether the machine in your market has our Healthwise filtration or purification system, we know that you will be amazed by the fresh taste and quality. The chart below highlights the steps we use at IceBorn to ensure you receive a product that is Fresh From The Source.

Healthwise Filtration Healthwise Purification
Micron Filtration Check mark Check mark
Activated Carbon Filtration Check mark Check mark
Ion Exchange Check mark Check mark
2nd Micron Filtration Check mark
Reverse Osmosis Check mark
Chilling Process Check mark
Ultraviolet Light Cleansing Check mark Check mark
Antimicrobial Dispenser Check mark Check mark

5 Micron Filtration

Removes dirt, rust and other solids larger than 5 microns.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Eliminates chlorine, organic chemicals and any odors.

Ion Exchange

Softens water by removing minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron.


Reverse Osmosis

Purifies water to 99.99% by removing salts and other impurities.

Chilling Process

Water is chilled in ice room.

Ultraviolet Light Cleansing

Sterilizes water to ensure safe, purified water.

Antimicrobial Dispenser

Resists growth of microorganisms.



Our machines are the definition of convenience. We all know how inconvenient lugging heavy ice & water containers from the store to your car is. When purchasing from an IceBorn machine you no longer have to strain yourself to get your hands on some of life’s essentials. Our guide below shows you just how easy it is buy ice & water from your local IceBorn machine.


The efficiency of our machines are what enables us to sell ice & water at an such an incredible value. Our products are geared toward saving you money, and setting a new benchmark for the most cost effective ice & water on the market.