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Our planets health is a major concern for us here at IceBorn. The IceBorn brand symbolizes the penguin on our logo, and therefore we think it is our responsibility to be environmentally concise in every way possible within our business. Our ice & water process reduce traditional pollutants of our competitors: avoiding large factories and eliminating the need for delivery trucks. Utilizing reusable water containers and avoiding non-reusable coolers, are ways that you as a consumer can do your part in ensuring our planet is not harmed by our actions. We promise to continue doing our part to limit pollution, so we can help our beloved penguin stay happy and healthy for a long time to come.

How You Can Help

Reusable ice & water containers help cut down on the amount of waste that fill our landfills each year. IceBorn machines allow you to maximize your investment of your water containers and coolers, helping you protect our planet for years to come. Our guide below shows how to keep your gear clean, so you can enjoy clean ice & water and maximize the life of your reusable products.