Models & Features

We work every day to improve the mechanical performance, durability and product quality of our IceBorn products.

Bin Size Matters

It is always disappointing to arrive at a bulk ice vending machine, only to discover that there is nothing left. Fortunately, IceBorn offers three different ice machine models so you can choose the perfect bin size to meet your demand. There are a variety of capacities and specifications to choose from so you can tailor your bulk ice vending machine to your market.

Flexible Footprints & Capacities

With three different bulk vending machine models to choose from, IceBorn franchisees have the flexibility to adjust to the demand of their specific market and location. We provide customers with the purest filtered ice, made on demand with IceBorn’s always accessible automated vending machines. The main difference between the three models of IceBorn bulk ice dispensers are in size, production speed, and bin capacity.

Our bestselling model is the IceBorn House, our largest ice vending machine. It needs about the size of two parking spaces, and it usually found in retail center parking lots. It is the most efficient icemaker of its size, producing 13,000 lbs of ice per day.

Anywhere, Anytime

Our bulk ice vending machines are ideal for hotels/motels, large apartment complexes, commercial business centers, campgrounds, marinas, fairgrounds, recreational attractions, and c-stores. We offer different sizes and capacities so you can choose what best suits your target demographic.

Crystal Clear Model Choices

  • Durable machines and low maintenance exposure.
  • Greater production with fewer resources.
  • Greater flexibility to meet market demand.
  • Greater flexibility to accommodate space requirements.

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Ice vending is a growing force within the $4 billion packaged ice industry