Financing Options

IceBorn Can Help You Overcome The Hurdles of Franchise Financing

We Make Financing Simple

We are dedicated to helping you overcome the hurdles of franchise financing. IceBorn, and supplier Ice House America, have teamed up with BoeFly and the Small Business Association (SBA) in order to supply every potential franchisee with an array of financing options for their new ice vending machine.

  • BoeFly Franchise Loans — BoeFly provides franchise borrowers access to over 3,600 lenders within a single loan request. This allows franchisors to provide new franchisees with a short “start-up” time, easy access to up-to-date loan statuses, transfers and all other information is easily monitored through the company’s administrative view. This provides the franchisees with access to capital quickly, an accelerated execution of contract obligations and the ability to get their new business up, running and generating income quickly!
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Franchise Loans – We are an SBA-approved franchise, which means our business opportunities and agreements have all been accepted by the SBA. This, for our franchisees, means automatic pre-approval for SBA loan applicants. Meaning you can enjoy a streamlined review process that can expedite loan application ten fold. Learn more about the SBA loan process, via the SBA website.

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