What is IceBorn?

Ice House America is our parent company.
IceBorn is our brand.
Our tagline is Fresh from the Source.
If you haven’t seen us before, you will soon.

A Vending Revolution

Meet Ice House America’s new water and ice machine franchise, IceBorn. In the decade since it was founded, Ice House America has changed the way the people think about buying bulk ice and water. IceBorn is making fresh bulk ice and water available accessible 24/7 to consumers everywhere.

A Growth Business

With more than 2,500 units, IceBorn’s water and ice vending machines are all over the country, as well as the Caribbean and in parts of South America.

The packaged ice industry makes $4 billion per year. Ice vending represents 4% of that and is growing quickly. IceBorn franchisees are capitalizing on that growth, with our superior product and business. The advantages of IceBorn include:

  • Leading in ice vending technology.
  • Investing in time and money saving technology.
  • Invest in technology that reduces environmental impact.
  • Expertise in brand-building and promoting.
  • Enforcing brand guidelines.
  • A great story to tell.

A Great Story

We have a superior water and ice vending product because of our technology, branding expertise, and commitment to excellence. Soon, everyone will know our story, but to learn more about our story, continue perusing the pages of our site.

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Ice vending is a growing force within the $4 billion packaged ice industry