Fresh from the Source

With IceBorn, we care about your health. That is why we make sure our ice is never handled. You are the first person to touch your ice. This is our simple solution for cleaner and healthier ice for your friends, family, and coworkers.
On top of that, because the ice is made on site, it is also healthy for the environment. Better for the environment, better for you.

Fresh from Source

Our parent company, Ice House America, created IceBorn with a vision of it becoming the most prominent ice brand for consumers. As our tagline, Fresh from the Source, tells you, our ice is clean, fresh-filtered, and accessible. Our consumers love our brand, as seen through the appeal of our penguin logo and earthy color palette, which communicate our values of being eco-friendly and approachable.

Crystal Clear Advantages

  • IceBorn provides the most pure, healthy ice.
  • Our ice is never clumpy like other brands; it is always fresh and filtered.
  • Our vending machines are everywhere and accessible 24 hours a day, making our pure ice easily attainable for our customers.
  • Local businesses only need to order one bag of ice to meet the minimum order, so you are never saddled with more ice than you need.

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IceBorn, the  world's premier consumer-facing ice vending brand.